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Just who is this Michelle Murillo?

A veteran broadcaster and reporter, Michelle has been a veteran reporter and voiceover talent for 18 years now.

Michelle's history includes working as a news anchor and repoter for Clear Channel, the largest media communication company in the nation, covering everything from city hall corruption to hurricanes. She has an incredible nose for news, netting numerous AP awards. She also was a part of a two time Marconi-winning morning show team.

Michelle has done voice work for many well known clients in the corporate world, as well as those in education, the non-profit sector and start ups. She knows how to take the client's rough ideas and create scripts or take your scripts and make them works of audio art. Not only is she a flexible voice talent, but a superb editor who can edit your piece to professional standards, including adding music, effects, zingers and themes.

She can also work in a multimedia environment, putting her voice to PowerPoint presentations, Flash and Shockwave files, online videos, slide shows -- just about anything you can dream up.

In her other lives (and there are many) she is a terrific singer, cultural anarchist, closet geek, Florida Cracker, world traveler, opinionated idealist, conscientious voter, good-hearted soul. She's also a pirate historical actress. See her pirate life here.